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Sometimes the hardest part about and learning something new is getting started. A few important questions you should first ask yourself before you take up playing golf are:

  1. Am I prepared for the fact that once I start, discount I will have many internal debates with myself as to why I didn’t start playing golf earlier in life?
  2. Am I happy to go for a long healthy walk in good company and  beautiful surroundings while also enjoying myself?
  3. Do I want to get out and about and meet new people and have fun?

If you can answer yes to these three simple questions then golf is the game for you.


golf-club-membershipStrandhill Golf Club offers a welcoming, relaxed and friendly environment for you to begin your golfing life with plenty of members available to accompany you on your round or offer advice on club life, practices and procedures.

Benefits of playing golf

There are lots of benefits to playing golf which not only help keep you healthy physically and mentally but socially also.

Reduces Stress

Playing a round of golf has been proven to release powerful natural, mood enhancing drugs from our brains called endorphins.

Heart and Lung Workout

A full day at the course once a week will give your heart and lungs a good workout. Walking at least once a week for your full 18 holes gets the heart pumping. You’re getting in a good walk and low-intensity subaerobic exercise that otherwise would not happen sitting on a couch.

Teaches Creativity

Depending on where your golf ball lies, you may need to use your imagination to make your next shot.

Powers Your Brain

Golf may delay the onset of dementia by stimulating blood circulation in the brain along with improving connections between nerve cells.

Swinging the clubs also challenges the mind in terms of strategy, coordination, concentration along with adding up a series of large numbers.

Live Longer

A Swedish study on the health benefits of golf has found that people who play the game on a regular basis have a 40% decreased mortality rate among their peers which equals a 5 year increase in life expectancy.

Sleep Better

Getting regular daytime exercise such as playing golf often means a person will fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for a longer period of time.

Good Way to Get Exercise

The game of golf is great for your cardiovascular health since it involves walking about 6 miles and can burn off around 1400 calories.


It is often said that the worst day of golf is still better than the best day of work especially when you are hanging out with your buddies on the course. Golf offers an excellent opportunity to socialise and get out and meet new people, not only on the course but in the clubhouse after your round. The numerous club events and presentations held throughout the year also offer an opportunity to mix with your club members.