Winter League 2015 - 16

Strandhill Lodge & Suites Winter League 2015 – 2016

strandhill-lodge-winter-league-2015-16The Strandhill Lodge & Suites sponsored Winter League will get underway at Strandhill Golf Club on Sunday November 8th.

The format will remain the same as last year with pairings playing off their lowest handicaps from this year and will. The competition will be 9 holes of V Par and will be played from the green tees over the Winter League 9 hole layout.

Entry will be €50 for members and €80 for non members and includes a main course on the final day of the competition. We have posted sheets on the notice board in the men’s locker room for people to add their name. Please add your names to this list. If you don’t have a playing partner, information pills add your name to the list and this will enable others without a partner to pair up.

Any players from other golf clubs interested in entering this year’s winter league can contact the golf shop on 071 9168188 to register their interest.

Strandhill Golf Club Winter League 2015 - 2016